Raising Dion



 In this episode, BGB talks the Netflix original series Raising Dion, we give a synopsis of the show, talk about a single black mom with a superhero son, the trailer vs. the show cast, Falesha thinking this show was actually real, superheroes walking among us, Steve Jobs, child actors, Ja'Siah Young, Alisha Wainwright, Michael B. Jordan, Sammi Haney, brittle bone disease, milk aka cow pus, when the plot thickens, the Rabbit app, how much Candace hates this show, black superheroes, Marvel vs. everybody, The Last Dragon, trailer parks, the Crooked man, good content leading to better quality, the entitlement disease, black people being policed by random white people, I am Jesus Christ the video game, season 2 desires/expectation, our overall show ratings and so much more



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