Little Fires Everywhere



 In this episode, BGB talks the Hulu original series Little Fires Everywhere, we talk the book vs. the series, Celeste Ng, motherhood, opportunities, race, parental pressure in black and white families, pressures inside and outside of the home, Elena not minding her own business, doing good vs. doing too much, altruism vs. manipulation, setting little fires, white women tears, BeBe Chow, privilege, the 70 cents episode, ugly kid drawings, stability and normalcy, lack of communication with children, stay in a child’s place, the art of the show, Kerry Washington, artificial insemination old ways vs. new ways, Tiffany Boone, the Richardson kids, being made aware of your bad ways, Lexie & Brian, having friends of different cultures, races & ethnicities, “I don’t see color,” the moments that impacted us the most and so much more



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