Cherish The Day | OWN Network



 In this episode, BGB talks the new OWN series, Cherish The Day, we talk Tuesdays, anthology series, how BGB lives for closure, Ava Duvernay, the geniuses behind the scenes, Oprah Winfrey’s big fall, Fee B the flamingo, show parity, Monique vs. Oprah, the tripping process, Love Is__, old school vs. new school love, Gently, Evan, Cicely Tyson, Karen Malina White, the Proud Family reboot, prevalence of sex scenes, ashy black people, Insecure, the show open, Cherish the Day song, Fee B’s old TV, being carefree vs. not caring, Tranise's love for Teslas, men A.D.D, we love Evan, Nacho-me Campbell, podcast plugs in TV shows, records & record players, We Fall Down and so much more



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