On My Block Season 2 Conclusion


In this episode, BGB concludes their conversation about season 2 of On My Block, we talk Jazmin's evolution, Jamal being the glue of the group, Monse & Ceasar, the plot twist at the end and so much more

On My Block Season 2


In this episode, BGB talks about season 2 of On My Block, we talk bar mitzvahs, our feelings about the ending, Ruby's journey, women beating, PTSD, Spooky's character development, parenting in the hood, Monse and so much more 

This Is Us | R&B


In this episode, BGB talks about R&B from This Is Us, Randall & Beth, their marriage, the ups and downs of their relationship, compromise, impulsive decisions, allowing people to treat you a certain way, growth, children being affected by relationships, divorce, communication, parenting, Deja & Randall and so much more

This Is Us Season 3 Finale


BGB is back and we're talking about the season finale of This Is Us, we talk Kevin & Zoe, love, control, decisions, parenting, Kate & Toby, baby Jack, gratefulness, gratitude, generational disconnects, parents vs. grandparents, Kate vs. Rebecca and so much more

Grown-ish CutOFF Pt. 2


In this episode, BGB continues to talk about Grown-ish, relationships, sophomore year, girl code, self-image and rebranding, pump it up, valuing yourself, Being Mary Jane and loving yourself.

Grown-ish CutOFF Pt. 1


In this episode, BGB talks about the Grown-ish season finale, Yara inspired hair, learning yourself, Barbie and Kenneth, college experiences, pots and kettles, Zuca, encouraging your significant other, positive suggestions, male fashion issues and so much more.

Red Tables and Bucket Lists


In this episode, BGB talks about Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk, making wise choices, loyalty, “sisterhood,” #GirlCode, family support, losing your man how you get him, taking all your vitamins, poor Rodney, Death, the Facebook watch series Will Smith’s Bucket List and so much more.

I Am The Night


In this episode, BGB talks about the new TNT limited series, I Am The Night, we talk being mixed race, not fitting in, the amazing Golden Brooks aka Maya Denise Wilkes from Girlfriends, the show being based on a true story, Fauna Hodel, fact vs. fiction, the lack of black murder series, the Black Dahlia murder case, Quicksand, passing, biracial, black cultural inclusivity and so much more

The Premium Life | Desus & Mero + 2 Dope Queens


In this episode, BGB talks about the new seasons of Desus & Mero and 2 Dope Queens, we talk season changes and upgrades, new sets and styles, better wigs, fashion, Mayor Pugh, AOC, new interview styles, podcasts turned TV shows and so much more

Boomerang | BET


In this episode, BGB talks about the new BET original series Boomerang, we talk Lena Waithe, Ben Cory Jones, Boomerang the movies vs. the series, new talent, power dynamics in relationships, men approaching women, character development, a spin off not a sequel and so much more

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